Kenya has had a health crisis for many years. The recent doctor’s strike, now having lasted more than 70 days, only brought to the fore the core issue in the crisis – the government has acted as an ostrich, burying its head on the issues raised.

The doctors have been demanding better working conditions. For the public, this mostly meant better pay for whoever was “striking”. Teachers claim better working conditions but when their pay is improved, they forget better classrooms, forget better teacher-pupil ratios, forget better training. The government seemed to have approached the doctor’s strike with the same mindset – give them 40% more, claim its the best civil service pay, they’ll back down.

We are not health practitioners. We are citizens and residents of Kenya. We are disappointed by the govt. They have failed to settle the impasse. Failure for us means understanding what the health practitioners want, and offering a return-to-work scheme that is acceptable to them. OR alternately, presenting a case to the public why the demands of the doctors is baseless and thus we should join the govt in condemning them.

We have set this blog up, to keep track of the discussion Рfollowing the hashtag #LipaKamaTender and other related Twitter conversations.  We do not have the CBA document that the govt has rejected. We appeal to whoever may have a copy of the document in its completeness to submit it here. We also urge you to submit, anonymously, documents and discourse that might shed light on whats the real issue.