It is with profound grief that we announce the untimely death of Dr. Eunice Songa who passed on Friday afternoon.

Her husband has penned this tribute to this great daughter of Kenya: –

In Memoriam of Dr Eunice Songa-Saraceno, BA, MD and on why Kenya needs to change

At approximately 4:30 pm of Friday the 27th of January 2017, my wife, my best friend, the love of my life, Dr Eunice Songa-Saraceno, died like a hero. Aged 34, she died young and beautiful, like the heroes of the ancient myths; willing to change her Country she died fighting inequality and injustice, like only true heroes do.

This is what I will tell to our beautiful daughter about her mum, when she will be old enough to understand what a true hero is. At her early age of one year and ten months, she can now only ask every day ask where mummy is and hug me back when I hold her tight, trying to hide my tears.

Eunice loved Kenya, and made me quickly love it; with its inner and outer beauty: the beauty of its landscape and the kindness and hospitality of its people. As a foreigner I immediately felt welcomed and loved in Kenya, being always loved by Eunice, by her family, by her friends and very often by many of her fellow Kenyans, who welcomed me like a brother. We lived a good life, every day we reminded ourselves we were lucky and happy; she considered herself privileged for what she had, she considered herself privileged for being happy to live here and live now.

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